Public Training

Public Training Schedule

Silabus Public Training


  • We cannot not Communicate (Interpersonal Communications Skills)
  • Dynamic Assertive Communications Skills
  • Great and Professional Communications Skills (2days)
  • Great Presentations Skills to Support Your Carrier
  • Public Relations Excellence for great cooperate image
  • Management Skills for manager
  • Management Skills for Supervisor
  • Great leadership for Manager & Supervisor
  • Great & Professional Communications Skills for Leader(2days)
  • Woman Leadership
  • Service with cares
  • The Technique of Handling Complaint
  • Great & Professional Customer Service
  • Professional Receptionist & Operator
  • Professional Telephone Techniques
  • Service Marketing
  • Personality Development
  • Professional Image for Front Liner
  • Appearance & Grooming for Professional Women
  • Professional Image for Leader
  • Great Selling Skills
  • Great & Professional Communications for sales person (2 days)
  • Sales administration management skills
  • Creative Social Media to Support the Marketing Strategic
  • Negotiation skills to achieve sales target
  • Secretary Excellent
  • Secretary Management
  • Professional image for secretary
  • Communications skills for secretary
  • Administrations skills for secretary
  • Pensionpreneur (entrepreneurship setelah pensiun) supported by Women Entrepreneur Academy

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