SERVICE MARKETING (2days training) on May 30th & 31st, 2013

Pelayanan akan selalu dihubungkan dengan kualtitas suatu produk, ketika pelayanannya buruk maka bisa saja produk tersebut dicap buruk oleh customer. Dalam training ini akan dibahas bagaimana service mempengaruhi marketing suatu produk atau brand, serta bagaimana service marketing dapat menciprakan awareness dan image positif suatu brand.

Part I

Understanding Service Products, Consumers and Markets

  • New Perspective on Marketing in the service Economy
  • Consumer Behavior in Services Context
  • Positioning Service in Competitive Markets

Part II

Applying the 4 Ps of marketing to Services

  • Developing the Service Products: Core and Supplementary Elements
  • Distributing Service through Physical and Electronic channels
  • Setting Prices and Implementing Revenue Management
  • Promoting Services and Educating Customers

Part III

Managing the Customer Interface

  • Designing and Managing Service Processes
  • Balancing Demand and Productive Capacity
  • Crafting the service Environment
  • Managing People for Service Advantage

Part IV

Implementing Profitable Service Strategies

  • Managing Relationships and Building Loyalty
  • Complaint Handling and Service Recovery
  • Improving Service Quality and Productivity
  • Striving for Service Leadership

Target Peserta :

Pemimpin divisi yang berada di posisi pelayanan, customer service, front liner.

service marketing 2 days training 29 & 30mei flyer

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